Pennant Hills Cross Country

HDLAC Cross Country:  Our home Cross Country events, sponsored by Beecroft Stone Real Estate, are suitable for all abilities, all ages and athletes from other LAC are welcome to attend.

Dates and Time:

Dates are published in the Cross Country table of events.  The event starts at 3pm to meet for a group warm up and course walk.  Races get underway at 3:30pm for all ages.  All are welcome – Age recommendation is U9 and older, but younger children are welcome to participate in the 500m course with a parent.

Location: Meet at the trail entrance as per map below.

Toilets: There are toilets at the carpark as indicated on the map, but no closer toilets to the trail, so keep this in mind upon arrival.

Parking: Off-road parking is available at the trail entrance, or in the various car parks (depending on other sports on at the same time, this can be busy so leave plenty of time to arrive.)

Course and Distance:

<U9 – there is a 500m forest trail lap for younger children.

U9-U10: Distance 2km.  Course is one 500m forest trail loop, followed by 750m out and back (1.5km total) along the fire trail.

U11+ Distance 3km.  Course is two 500m forest trail loops, followed by 1km out and back (2km total) along the fire trail.

Safety: The terrain is bumpy, potentially boggy, and has lots of hazards.  Athletes need to adjust their pace and running to cater for this and run with care.  This is cross country.  The course is mostly flat, but has a small incline over the final 1km of each course and pacing is important.  Asthmatics are encouraged to carry inhalers with them if required.

Marshals will be at all key directional points.  Markers will be visible along the course and a sweeper will run at the rear of the group to assist anyone struggling.  Parents are required to assist with marshalling.