Age Marshalls

Expressions of Interest

are invited from suitably motivated parents to be appointed as Age Marshalls for the coming season 2021/22.  Each group should have 2 nominated Age Marshalls for U12 and younger.  U13+ can manage with 1 Age Marshall, but it’s always nice to have a spare!   Contact Belinda and Lance Erasmus by email at agemanager@hdlac.org.au.

Current Age Marshalls for 2021/22


Tiny Tots Rhian Richardson
6 Jessica Monaghan
7 Rakeli Albino & Reece Mahoney Madelaine Colgan
8 Paul O’Byrne Dan Richardson
9 Cameron Slapp & Cyril Fierens
10 Craig Lean Nico Roux
11 Justine Slapp & Liz Tye
12 Phil Davies
13 Mark Teutsch Bradley Johnson
14 Kym Schwarz Anne Neilan
15 – 17 Andrew Fowlds & Rod Broadley